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Welcome to the web-site of Port Fleet Bourgas Ltd

Aiming loyalty to its customers and striving for innovative business solutions.

PORT FLEET BOURGAS LTD is a leading Bulgarian Towage Company, offering a huge number of reliable and cost-saving services, entirely dedicated to:

Deep Sea, Coastal and Harbour Towage - in and out;
Salvage, Off-shore, Lightening Stations, Tanker’s Stand-by;
Other additional services, as SHIP’S supply, technicals, etc.

Port Fleet Bourgas Ltd secures a round-a-clock and a whole-year duty with a 9 tugs and 4 motorboats, which do service to all vessel’s traffic, reliably and safely covering the Bay of Bourgas located ports, shipyards, Oil Port, Fishing Port, Nessebar passenger port, etc.

Currently PORT FLEET BOURGAS Ltd. shares 70% of the agents, working at Port of Bourgas, which acquiring about 65% of the basic vessel’s traffic in the region.

As a result of its reliable services, PORT FLEET BOURGAS Ltd. shares 80% of the International Towages, performed by Bulgarian Shipowners.

The employees of the Company have a rich professional experience and qualification, according to the requirements of Bulgarian Maritime Administration. It is our corporate policy to rely entirely on young, capable people with aggressive approach, excellent educational background and good tea-up capability. The safety records are irreproachable. We count on the entrepreneurial drive, direct our energies and insights, where they will have the greatest pay-off for the clients.